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Lessons Learned While Moving

Lessons Learned While Moving 0

We recently moved and it was a big pain. However, I learned a big lesson. I have way to much stuff to possibly bug out effectively. I had all of my emergency supplies packed in one location with no real organization to any of it. How can I bug out without having things in order to do so fast and effectively? Once we settled in our new home, I took on the task of getting my long term Food Storage and my bug out supplies separated and in different locations of my home. It was a daunting task at the very least. 

Next, I took a valid inventory of all of my food storage, Medical supplies, water storage, and misc items. Over the years I have just thrown stuff in my Emergency Supplies that I have felt I would need in the event of an emergency. But do I really need over 15 flashlights? I also had 3 tents! Sometimes more is just not better. 

It was also a great time to look at all of the clothing, blankets etc. I really had a lot of garbage items. Things that no longer fit or just wouldn't be up to the task of bugging out.

My takeaway from all of this? I just really need to be more diligent about what I am putting into my storage and check at least a couple of times a year that everything is in the correct place. 


Your Best Defense

Your Best Defense 0

If you’re trying to stay safe, you need to be ready to go. We’ll talk about weapons in a second, but first you’ll need some clothes or blankets, a first aid kit, hygiene supplies, a good water purifier and FOOD. Remember the rule of threes: in an extreme situation, you’ll die in three minutes without air, three hours without shelter, three days without water and three weeks without food. So grab your gear, gas up your car, and GO!
If you DO encounter a zombie, aim for it’s head. Without a brain, most zombies aren’t able to keep pursuing you. It’s usually best to shoot them if you can, but knives and axes are ideal for close-quarter decapitation.
  • Josh Baum
Everything I Learned From Hurricane Sandy | BY FRANK OSTMANN

Everything I Learned From Hurricane Sandy | BY FRANK OSTMANN 0

Written by Frank Ostmann

1. The excitement and coolness wears off around day 3

2. You are never really prepared to go weeks without power, heat, water etc. Never!

3. Yes it can happen to you.

4. Just because your generator runs like a top, does not mean its producing electricity. (Click Here to see Solar Generators)

5. If you do not have water stored up you are in trouble. (Click Here to see Water Storage)

a. A couple of cases of bottled water is “NOT” water storage (Click Here to see Water Treatment Products)

6. Should have as much fuel as water

a. Propane

b. Gas

c. Kerosene

d. Firewood

e. Firestarter, (kindling, paper, etc)

7. Even the smallest little thing that you get from the store should be stocked up...

(spark plug for the generator, BBQ lighter, etc)

8. If you are not working, chances are nobody else is either.

9. I was surprised how quickly normal social behavior goes out the window. I am not talking about someone cutting in line at the grocery store.

a. 3 people were killed at gas stations within 50 miles of my home.

b. I did not say 3 fights broke out, 3 people were killed.

10. Cash is king (all the money in your savings means nothing)

11. Stored water can taste nasty.

12. You eat a lot more food when you are cold

13. You need more food than you think if your kids are out of school for 2 weeks

14. Kids do not like washing their face in cold water.

15. Your 1972 honda civic gets to the grocery store as well as your 2012 Escalade… but the Honda allows money left over for heat, food, water, a generator, fire wood, a backup water pump, you get the idea..

16. The electrical grid is way more fragile than I thought.

17. Think of the things that are your comfort, your escape, a cup of hot chocolate, a glass of milk and a ding dong before bed, tequila, etc. Stock up on those too. You will need that comfort after day 3.

18. You quickly become the guy in the neighborhood who knows how to wire a generator to the electrical panel, directly wire the furnace to a small generator, or get the well pump up and running on inverter power or you are the guy whose Master’s degree in Accounting suddenly means nothing. (Love you Steve!)

19. A woman who can cook a fine meal by candle light over the BBQ or open fire is worth her weight in gold. And women, whose weight in gold, would not add up to much, usually die off first. Sorry skinny women.

20. It takes a lot of firewood to keep a fire going all day and into the evening for heat.

21. All the food storage in the world means nothing if your kids won’t eat it.

22. You might be prepared to take care of your children and their needs, but what about when the neighborhood children start to show up at your door?

23. Some people shut down in an emergency. There is nothing that you can do about that.

24. Your town, no matter how small is entirely dependent on outside sources of everything.

a. If supply trucks stop rolling in due to road damage, gas shortages or anything else you could be without for a long time.

25. In an emergency Men stock up on food, Women stock up on toilet paper.

26. I was surprised how many things run on electricity!

27. You can never have enough matches.

28. Although neighbors can be a great resource, they can also be a huge drain on your emergency storage. You need to know how you are going to handle that. It is really easy to be Bob the guy who shares on Day 3, not so easy on Day 11. Just reality.

29. Give a man a fish he eats for that day, teach a man to fish and he will never be hungry again.. Now I get it.

30. All of the expensive clothes in the closet mean nothing if they don’t keep you warm.

31. Same goes for shoes… Love you Honey!!!!

32. You cannot believe the utility companies. They are run by politicians!! Or so it seems,

33. Anything that you depend on someone else for is not avail anymore.

34. Quote “A man with a chainsaw that knows how to use it is a thing of beauty” hahaha

35. Most folks don’t have any emergency storage. They run to Wal-Mart and get water and batteries and then fill their tubs with water. That is it. A lucky few will get a case of ramen and a box of poptarts. That will be your neighbors supply. (especially if you live outside of Utah)

36. Fathers, all the money you have ever made means nothing if you can’t keep your kids warm.

37. Mothers, everything you have ever done for your kids is forgotten if your kids are hungry.

38. You really do not want to be the “Unprepared Parents” The kids turn on you pretty quick.

39. Small solar charging gadgets will keep you in touch. Most work pretty well it seems.

40. Most things don’t take much power to operate.

a. Computers,

b. Phones

c. Radios

d. TV

e. lights

41. Some things take a ton of power to operate.

a. Fridge

b. Toaster

c. Freezer

d. Hot plate

e. Microwave

42. When it gets dark at 4:30pm, the nights are really long without power.

43. Getting out of the house is very important. Even if it is cold. Make your home the semi- warm place to come home to.. not the cold prison that you are stuck in.

44. Someone in your family must play or learn to play guitar.

45. Things that disappeared are never to be seen again for a very long time.

a. Fuel, of all kinds

b. Matches, lighters of any kind, etc.

c. Toilet paper

d. Paper plates, plastic forks and knives

e. Batteries, didn’t really see a need for them. (flashlights??? I guess)

f. Milk

g. Charcoal

h. Spark plugs (generators)

i. 2 stroke motor oil, (chainsaws)

j. Anything that could be used to wire a generator to the house.

k. Extension cords

l. Medicines (Tylenol, advil, cold medicine, etc)
  • Josh Baum
Prepared for September 23rd?

Prepared for September 23rd? 1

If you Google September 23 you will find that over 322 million articles, blogs, videos and other entries will be returned to you, most offering up everything from predictions of world catastrophes to literal end-times.

 For many years now, countless families, individuals and in fact entire groups and organizations have come to depend on one company to “help you build your own ark,” Family Storehouse. .

 Whether you are interested in food storage, water treatment and storage, survival kits or other emergency supplies, including outdoor and camping gear, Family Storehouse is the one place to stock up on everything that you need to prepare for any emergency situation.

 We stock only the highest quality, best tasting and most affordable food storage available!

We stock everything from 4-day to monthly storage packages and all of our products are GMO, MSG free and do not contain partially hydrogenated oils.

 Family Storehouse offers freeze dried fruits, vegetables and meats as well as nutritious food bars and At the Family Storehouse, all our emergency food storage products are made freshand all of our products are backed by the Family Storehouse Promise to provide maximum shelf life. And remember that water is more important than any other aspect of emergency preparedness.

 Family Storehouse is the ONLY Gephardt approved food storage company.

 Whether September 23 will manifest any real threat isn’t the issue. It is now recommended by emergency preparedness experts that we are prepared and protected for a minimum of 96 hours instead of 72.

 If you can’t start with the full complement of everything that you know you need, we suggest to all of our customers to start with a 4 day Survival Kit and build your supplies from there.

 Visit our site today at for more useful information, articles, instructions and supplies to protect you and those you love for whatever unforeseen events that may occur. We’ll partner with you – Family Storehouse doesn’t just sell survival supplies, we’re your best way to begin being prepared.

  • Josh Baum
The Truth About Food Storage

The Truth About Food Storage 0

Pre-Made meal Food Storage is the most common type of food storage sold now. Here are the basics of how it is made, what to watch out for and what the true shelf life is. 



Fats & Oils are what make food storage go rancid.  As food storage companies, we need to get all the fats and oils out of the food in order to get the maximum shelf life.


Fat & Oils contain most of the calories and flavor. This is why a lot of food storage has the reputation of not tasting good and is also the reason it is very hard to get a standard 2000 calorie per day diet. (It would almost end up being more food than you could consume)


Easy, we decide what meals we want to create for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, times it by the average number of day in a month and were done!!!!! Wrong!


Our meal plan is awesome and we are happy with the variety. The problem is, we count up the daily calories per person and it is under 400 calories per person! 

Thats a diet plan, not an emergency food supply. 


1.  Sell it the way that it is and really push how inexpensive the food is.

2. Start adding more of the items that are cheap to produce (potatoes, grains or cereals)

3. Add salt and MSG for better flavors and sugar for calories (Flavored drinks etc.)



Salt & MSG is the most common way most food storage companies add flavor to their meals.  Sugar is the easiest way to add calories and flavor to your food storage. Sugar is cheap! 


Watch out for companies that give you a lot of drinks inside their meal plan in order to increase the # of servings. This stuff is very cheap to produce and the caloric benefit is very little. 


Don't buy products with this stuff in it! Not for food storage, not for your everyday foods. They are designed to have a longer shelf life but your body does not metabolize them correctly. This is a money thing. Partially Hydrogenated Oils cost less than real oils but they interfere with your bodies ability to process good fats!


These cans are great for storage. They are also a great way to get ripped off! How much food is in your #10 can? Is it half full? What happens when you open it? You have to eat is all. Why do they only fill my cans half full? Money! 


Is this really the best packaging method? The answer is yes only if it is done correctly. You have to have 5mm thick mylar at least. Thin Mylar does not keep out oxygen and moisture as well. 


Does all of your food storage have oxygen absorbers in it? It should, if it doesn’t, its probably bad and needs to be thrown away. (not true for grains etc.)


The concept is great. But do you really know it has been done? You can’t see it or smell it. 


There are no rules in food storage for a serving! It can be 1 cup, 1/8 of a cup etc. This is the most common way to confuse people.


Don’t spend money on sugar calories. Buy meals or individual items that are not drinks. This is so easy to deceive people it is unbelievable.


Research the products that you currently have first! Maybe you do have enough food storage, maybe your storing to many grains etc. Then do business with a reputable company.  The door to door people may be offering a great product, they may not be. Research before purchasing.


believe it is time that someone starts telling the truth about shelf life right up front. At Family Storehouse we struggle with telling people that our food will last 25 Years. The problem is... the competition is really pounding the 25 year shelf life of their products. Im not calling them liars, It's just really crafty wording. We all say "up to 25 year shelf life" instead of "25 year shelf life". It makes attorneys feel better and it a way to get around the liability. Yes, we still use the wording, but only because we don't want to look inferior. Honestly, most people see that and never ask any questions. They should.


You only get the 25 Year Shelf Life is you store you food storage at 55 degrees or lower! Really....98% of our customers do not have that kind of area to store anything for a long period of time. Thats the catch.

At 70 degrees you will get 15 years. That is more of a reality for most people. I know it is for me.


I'm not telling. But we have the best guarantee in the business and we don't sell you a bunch of sugar and cheap to produce products. We don't use MSG, GMO or use any partially hydrogenated oils. Read your labels and then read ours. We'll see you soon!!

Click Here to View our Food Storage Products 



  • Josh Baum
How Prepared Are You For An Emergency?

How Prepared Are You For An Emergency? 0

How prepared are you?

I talk to a lot of people everyday and it always amazes me that most people feel they are prepared somewhat  for that unexpected emergency.

How do you stack up?

I find that most people are truly unprepared! Why, here's the facts:If you were expelled or told you cannot live in your home because it is either unstable or inhabitable, are you ready for this situation? You need four basic items:

  • First - Shelter. At least a tent and sleeping bags etc etc. Check out our Tents & Sleeping Bags.

  • Second -A good 72 hour bug out kit - this kit should provide basically everything - food, water, fire starters, sanitation, heat etc etc. Check Out our Pre-Made 96 Hour Kits.

  • Third - Just add water meals - simple preparation, easy to carry, food that will last at least 30 days and easy to deal with. Check Out our 4 Day Emergency Food Supplies.

  • Fourth -  Water - this is the most important! You can live 30 days without food but water is a different story. Your body begins to shut down in 3 days.  You need a system that can treat a lot of water with little effort! Check our our Mini Water Treatment System.

These are the basics but really what is the most important?  "BE PREPARED"  It is more than the boy scout  moto---It is advice that can be the difference between life or death.  FAILING TO PREPARE MEANS PREPARING TO FAIL.    How do l know this ?  You see my home burned to the ground  CHRISTMAS EVE 1983 !!!!?

  • Josh Baum