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Squirrels know better

Squirrels know better
It never fails. We see a small surge in the economy and our customers buying habits change. It has happened many times over the past few years that we have been in business. Unfortunately, it takes a massive drop in the economy or a major catastrophe and everyone comes running into the store looking for emergency preparedness items. So, are you really smarter than a squirrel? Maybe we can learn something? 
Do we take our time and gather our items over time, or do we wait for a crisis and try to get it all organized in a day or two.
When I get ready for a backpacking trip. I have a list that I have created over the years. What I have found is that my list has grown so large that I don't want to carry all of it. So why does my list keep growing? Because every year I find something that would be "nice" to have when I'm miles away from civilization. I feel my emergency preparednes list is the same. Can I really prepare for everything and have all of the items that I need. I have come to the realization that the answer is NO. 
Maybe I should prepare like a Squirrel. I highly doubt that squirrels grab just enough nuts to barely make it through winter. The problem is, I need more than food. My list is so long that I would need a storage facility and a forklift to manage it all. It's just not possible or maybe even smart to try to store all this stuff. I decided to cut my list down and focus on what is really important. The other part was to store things that I can barter. See our blog "30 Bartering item that you can actually afford". I have excess items that I can get easily that I know people will want. That gives me the power to barter for the things that I didn't prepare for.
I also went back to basics of my list. (I still allow myself a few luxury items). This is a good way for people to get started. 
We are not all "Preppers" and thats ok. If everyone would prepare for a short term emergency, maybe we could avoid a long term crisis. Just get the basics and build from there.
Food, Water, Shelter and 4 Day Emergency Kit.
Food - Obviously, we recommend our 4 Day Emergency Food Supply. It can last up to 25 year and all you need is water and way to cook it. There are other options. Canned goods, MRE's  and food bars. Just know shelf life of your chosen option and keep it up to date. (People forget to rotate their items and don't update them regularly)
Water - It's more important than anything else. It's also difficult to store, takes up a ton of space and its heavy. I always get the customer that wants to buy 25 water barrels. Thats great, unless you have to leave your home. You are not taking 25 water barrels with you anywhere!  You have to have a way to treat dirty water that you find.  We only sale Sawyer Water Filters for a reason. You never change the filters and they can handle up to 1 million gallons. I love products that I can use every year and just put back into my emergency items when I'm done.  Again, there are other options. If you have a good filter don't throw it away. Keep it around as a backup. 
Shelter - I hate to admit it, I have a tube tent. I don't really know why. I think I might find a use for it some day so I leave it in my pack. It's not a shelter. I am always trying to find somebody that is willing to take that out in the winter for a couple of nights and see how long it is before they have to go back inside and crank up the heater. Have good tent and sleeping bag. You don't have to have the best. I spent over $300 on my tent and about the same for my sleeping bag! I use them every year and I pay for lightweight gear. We offer good "middle of the road" tents and backpacks that will get you through emergencies and can be used for camping trips in the summer time. 
4 Day Emergency Kit - This can be a daunting task to put together. The list of items vary depending on who you talk to and were you live. We put together some very nice 4 Day Emergency Kits that are completely done.  However, we can't do everything for you. You have to add your own items like prescription drugs and glasses, Money, Clothing (People commonly forget to update the clothing for their kids as they grow), and anything else that is pertinant to your area that you live. If you decide to build your own kit, feel free to check out our's for a list of items that you might want to consider. You can also look at the Red Cross Website and many local government's have a list as well. 
Squirrels might know better than us. However, most humans can't just live off nuts and berries for a few month's out of the year.  Yeah, we are a little more complicated. We don't have to have an underground bunker and spend thousands of dollars. Just start with your basic needs for a 4 day emergency and then build from there. Make a list, make a plan and don't depend on anyone to come save the day. 

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