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Prepared for September 23rd?

Prepared for September 23rd?

If you Google September 23 you will find that over 322 million articles, blogs, videos and other entries will be returned to you, most offering up everything from predictions of world catastrophes to literal end-times.

 For many years now, countless families, individuals and in fact entire groups and organizations have come to depend on one company to “help you build your own ark,” Family Storehouse.  www.FamilyStorehouse.com .

 Whether you are interested in food storage, water treatment and storage, survival kits or other emergency supplies, including outdoor and camping gear, Family Storehouse is the one place to stock up on everything that you need to prepare for any emergency situation.

 We stock only the highest quality, best tasting and most affordable food storage available!

We stock everything from 4-day to monthly storage packages and all of our products are GMO, MSG free and do not contain partially hydrogenated oils.

 Family Storehouse offers freeze dried fruits, vegetables and meats as well as nutritious food bars and At the Family Storehouse, all our emergency food storage products are made freshand all of our products are backed by the Family Storehouse Promise to provide maximum shelf life. And remember that water is more important than any other aspect of emergency preparedness.

 Family Storehouse is the ONLY Gephardt approved food storage company.

 Whether September 23 will manifest any real threat isn’t the issue. It is now recommended by emergency preparedness experts that we are prepared and protected for a minimum of 96 hours instead of 72.

 If you can’t start with the full complement of everything that you know you need, we suggest to all of our customers to start with a 4 day Survival Kit and build your supplies from there.

 Visit our site today at www.FamilyStorehouse.com for more useful information, articles, instructions and supplies to protect you and those you love for whatever unforeseen events that may occur. We’ll partner with you – Family Storehouse doesn’t just sell survival supplies, we’re your best way to begin being prepared.

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  • Josh Baum
Comments 1
  • Mark Skovron
    Mark Skovron

    I have only recently been following the Sep 23rd news and reports. I don’t know how credible they are, or what will happen if anything – but it makes sense to start getting stocked up and prepared either way. I live I Florida, and while beautiful, we’re obviously right in “Hurricane Alley” here, not to mention keeping necessary items in the auto at all times.
    Great looking site, and an even better concept. “To be prepared is half the victory.” quote by Miguel de Cervantes

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