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Lessons Learned While Moving

Lessons Learned While Moving

We recently moved and it was a big pain. However, I learned a big lesson. I have way to much stuff to possibly bug out effectively. I had all of my emergency supplies packed in one location with no real organization to any of it. How can I bug out without having things in order to do so fast and effectively? Once we settled in our new home, I took on the task of getting my long term Food Storage and my bug out supplies separated and in different locations of my home. It was a daunting task at the very least. 

Next, I took a valid inventory of all of my food storage, Medical supplies, water storage, and misc items. Over the years I have just thrown stuff in my Emergency Supplies that I have felt I would need in the event of an emergency. But do I really need over 15 flashlights? I also had 3 tents! Sometimes more is just not better. 

It was also a great time to look at all of the clothing, blankets etc. I really had a lot of garbage items. Things that no longer fit or just wouldn't be up to the task of bugging out.

My takeaway from all of this? I just really need to be more diligent about what I am putting into my storage and check at least a couple of times a year that everything is in the correct place. 


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