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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will my food storage really last 25 years?

A: Yes it can. However the temperature at which you store your food is important. We remove the oxygen and moisture in our production facility. The rest is up to you. To achieve 25 years you need to store you food at 65° or colder. Most people have storage areas that are 70°. You will achieve 15-20 years at this temperature. Remember, this is the same with all food storage companies. 

Q: I really want a 2000 calorie per day storage plan. Why don't you offer this?

A: This gets fairly tricky. This is the best way to waste your money on food storage. To get long shelf life food we have to take the fat and oils out of our food. As a result, we loose a major amount of calories during the process. It's still the same amount of food but with less calories. If you tried to eat 2000 calories of "real food storage" it would be so much food that you couldn't eat it all. This is why companies pack their food storage supplies with sugar. We choose not to do this to satisfy the calorie content. It's empty calories that you don't need to pay for. Watch out for companies that offer products with a lot of drink mixes!

Q: I don't like all of the menu items in your pails, can I substitute items?

A: Sorry, we don't offer custom pails at this time. 

Q: Do you offer Gluten Free products?

A: We currently offer wheat free products. These products are inherently gluten free but are not packaged in a certified gluten free facility. If you have severe celiac disease these products my not be for you. Please consult you physician before consuming these products.

Q: Why does my 1 year supply take up to 3 weeks before it ships?

A: Family Storehouse foods are made fresh to order. Some companies pre-build their food storage pails and store them in a warehouse waiting to be shipped. We never do this because warehouses are rarely kept at the colder temperatures that your food storage needs for maximum shelf life. It may take a little longer but it's worth the wait. 

Q: How much water do I need to cook the food in my kit?

A: Each of our products require a slightly different amount of water to cook. However, most all of them require about 1 cup per serving. We recommend this conversion: Take the # of servings in your pail(s) that you purchased. That is the approximate # of cups of water that you will need. Add 15% more and you will have enough water to cover all of the products in that pail. 




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