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Birth Pail Survival Medical

Birth Pail Survival Medical 

The SURVIVAL MEDICAL BIRTH PAIL is designed for birthing, when getting to the hospital is not an option. This kit comes in a mylar lined 5 gallon pail with a Gamma Seal lid. The pail liner is sealed, but also has a zipper end for repeated entry while still prolonging shelf life. This is a preparedness product and as such is designed with emergency and grid down situations in mind. If you haven't thought about it before, think about it now… when the grid goes down, the birth rate will go up.

  • 4­ Biohazard waste bags
  • 1­ medical shears
  • 3­ cord clamps
  • 1-­receiving blanket
  • 8-­underpads
  • 3­-drape sheets
  • 2­-bulb syringe
  • 1­-lubricant
  • 1­-bottle of hand sanitizer
  • 3­-hot packs
  • 4­-4 large absorbent multi trauma dressing
  • 12­ prov iodine prep pads
  • 6­-betadine swab sticks
  • 2-nitrile gloves, ­med, ­xl

Most of your medical supplies are comprised of organic materials that break down over time for the same reasons that your home food storage will. Some of the main culprits in this process are light, heat, oxygen, and moisture. In their normal packaging cotton materials will turn yellow and brittle, adhesives will lose their ability to stick, and ointments will dry out.

Survival Medical recognizes the need for a long term solution to this. Over the years as a prepper I've enjoyed the convenience of being able to buy long term food storage products, put them on a shelf, and know that when the time comes that I need them they will be waiting for me.

Our KITS and BUCKETS are designed with this same convenience in mind.­ The convenience to buy, put them on a shelf, and know that when the time comes that you need them, they will be ready for use. I've used my skills in supply chain logistics, to create a product where you have the convenience of long term storage without having to pay for it. We buy in bulk, assemble these kits in our engineered packaging, and can sell to you for less money than you could buy the individual items for.

That's our goal, and our purpose, and I'm proud to be able to offer this to a community that I care about and am a part of.

SURVIVAL MEDICAL LLC President and Founder J. R.


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