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Freeze Dried Blueberries

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These Blueberries are packed full of flavor and goodness.

Most freeze dried fruits and vegetables are stored in metal cans that are difficult to open and impossible to reseal.  Our Freeze Dried Blueberries are packaged in easy to stack Plastic Pails that have 2 Separate Mylar Pouches inside. This allows you to open one bag and the other bag will still last for 30 years. 

  • 30 Year Shelf Life
  • Light, crunchy & full of flavor
  • Packaged in 2 individual Mylar Bags
  • All of our products are certified GMO Free
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It’s no surprise to a dietitian but it may be to some people. Freeze Dried products are some of the most nutrient packed preserved foods you can eat. Freeze Dried products lock in the nutritional value while helping eliminate excess weight. Simply eat them like a snack or follow the simple instructions to rehydrate them and use them in your favorite recipes.

 All of our Freeze Dried products have a 30 year shelf life.

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