Humless 1500 Series - 1.3kWh

Humless 1500 Series - 1.3kWh

This is possibly the best Solar Generator available on the market. We love the fact that it has a Lithium Battery, Weighs under 60 pounds and can power products that most solar generators just can't handle. If you want the best, look no further than Humless!

All-in-one, portable power storage for your home, business or recreational needs. UPS capabilities to be truly off-grid with zero installation configuration. Plug and play with long-life (7yr+) expandable battery packs. Integrated solar, wind charge and discharge to pure sine wave output.

Product info

Make / Manufacturer: Humless

Model Name / Number: 1500 series 1.3 kWh
Size / Dimensions: 19x10x10

Light, Versatile and Powerful for Home, Work and Play.

EASY TO USE All-in-one power storage appliances with zero configuration and zero maintenance. SMALL & LIGHT More portable and easier to move than any equivalent LONG LASTING Use all you paid for (7+ to 10+ years high reliability) SUSTAINABLE Practical, eco-friendly storage you can charge system as you use it from (wind, solar, hydro and or the grid...) Humless 1500 Series 1.3kWh Data Battery type LFP Cycle life 2,500+ cycles Battery volume 100AH AC Out: Inverter 1500W Output wave form/THD PSW Pure sine wave / THD 3.82% Output AC voltage 120+/-10V Output AC frequency 60Hz±5% DC Out USB, Anderson connectors, cigarette socket DC Charger inputs Variable (solar, wind, other) DC input voltage 12~50V Max.output DC current 15A Input AC charge voltage 120+/-6V Input AC frequency 60Hz±5%.

 Use AC & DC 





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