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Pro-Pak | Mountain House Breakfast Skillet

Product Description
$ 6.99

Mountain House Breakfast Skillet Pro-Pak- 1  Person Serving Pouch 

Backpackers, hikers, hunters, campers and emergency peppers all Love and Enjoy this food.

The Breakfast Skillet is Hash Browns & Scrambled eggs, Mixed with Pork Patty, Peppers & Onions. What a Way to Start Your Morning. When it omes to Backpacking Meals, Breakfast Skillet is King!

Compared to our regular pouches Pro-Paks are vacuum sealed for compactness and so they won't expand at altitude. Pro-Paks also contain slightly less food compared to our regular sized pouches.

  • No Cleanup
  • Just Add Water
  • 1 Serving Pouch 
  • 17g of Protein Per Pouch 
  • Ready in 10 Minutes or Less

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