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1-2 Person Deluxe Bug Out Bag/ 96 Hour Kit

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This 1-2 Person Deluxe Bug Out Bag /96 Hour Kit comes with an easy to carry and comfortable fitting backpack. Offering protection from the elements for 2 adults.

  • Fire Starter, Safe Drinking Water and Best Water Filtration System All Included
  • Our Most Popular 96 Emergency Food Supply Included

96 Hour "Bug Out Kit" Done Right

In the Most Severe of Natural Disasters First Response Teams Can Take as Long as 2-4 Days to Reach the Disaster Zone. This is the One of the Ultimate 96 hour Kits Available. The Hiker Backpack Gives You Support for the Entire Back and Comes Loaded with the Emergency Supplies for 1-2 People for 96 Hours. Hands Down One of The Best You Will Ever See as for Quality and Pricing. 

Food & Water Ready for Use

The Most Difficult Thing to Find After an Earthquake, Hurricane, or Any Other Major Disaster is Clean Drinking Water. It’s Key for Making Your Freeze Dried Meals, Cleaning Wounds and Staying Hydrated. However, So Many 72 Hour Kits Don’t Include that Life-Sustaining Resource. With Our 2 Person Bug Out Bag & 96 Hour Kit We Not Only Include Packaged Drinking Water Ready for any Emergency but We also Include the  Capable of Filtering 100,000 Gallons of Water Will Make Sure and Clean Any Available Water So You Can Eat and Cook Without Worry.

 Our 2 Person 96 Hour Emergency Food Supply is the Most Popular Product We Sell. The Meals Come Sealed in Mylar Pouches to Protect Against Water, Air, or Any Other Form of Exposure that Would Hamper its 25 Year Shelf-Life. By Using the Best Ingredients Available it has Been Certified GMO Free and is 100% Vegetarian.

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