SteriPEN Adventurer Opt

SteriPEN Adventurer Opt  - UV Water Purifier- Works In 48 Seconds.

SteriPEN Adventurer Opt

SteriPEN is the World's Leading Manufacturer of Ultraviolet, Handheld Water Purification System. Purifying Quickly and Easily Makes Safe Drinking Water Available for Travel, Outdoors, Recreation, and Emergency Situations at a fraction of the Cost of Bottled Water.

SteriPEN Adventurer Opti was built for the toughest mountains and rivers in the world. Backpacker Magazine gave it their Editor’s Choice Award in 2011 for changing the face of portable water purification.

Great for Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Backpacking and Emergency Preparation. 

*Tested and Certified by WQA Against US EPA Microbiological Water Purifier Standards.*

  • Works in 48 Seconds
  • Compact, Rugged and Light Weight
  • Purifies 50 Liters (13 gallons) on Two Batteries
  • Patented Optical LED Water Sensor (Doubles as Flashlight)
  • 8000 Uses (Treatments) That's Over 7 Years of Safe Drinking Water
  • Premium Lamp Life Pledge Replacement SteriPEN after 8,000 Uses
  • UV Water Purifier- UV Light Destroys Germs' Ability to Reproduce and Make You Sick
How to Use
  • Remove Lamp Cover
  • Press Activation Button
  • Submerge and Stir Until Lamp Turns Off


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