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Shaker Siphon

Shaker Siphon 1/2 Inch (Self- Priming) w/ 6' Antistatic Hose 

Great for emergency preparation and  this Shaker Siphon makes transferring liquids easy. 

By shaking the pump end enough liquid enters the hose , the siphon draws it up and drains it into your holding container. The Shaker Siphon allows the liquid into the hose without it leaking back into the container you are siphoning from.
  • Safety siphon 6 foot siphon
  • Pumps 6 gallons per minute
  • Shake a few time up and down and it starts to siphon
  • Makes a great sump pump backup and emergency item
  • Premium-Grade Jiggler - Shaker Siphon Hose - Aluminum Siphon End
  • Great for transferring water and other liquids from one container to another
  • 60" x 1/2" anti-static flexible PVC hose; transparent so you can see liquid moving
  • The best way to drain water out of flooded basements without pumping or electricity
  • Just insert siphon end in liquid and shake up & down - unique one-way valve creates suction force


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